Cartagena de Indias is the well known turistic city, is an epicentre of more than 150 fairs and conventions per year, likewise many countries take the city of Cartagena as a modal for his investments in infrastructure and every day the tourists are looking for a medical response in the offer of the city.

The clinics of Cartagena have been professionalized in reach quality standards that guarantee the tranquility and safety of the processes of those who decide to move to the city to realize any procedure, in this case related to cosmetic surgery and corporal treatment.

Cartagena has many attractions as the old city, the walled center and the beaches, also possesses some of the most attractive climates for the foreigners in Latin America since the continuity of his temperature makes the stay agreeable. The doctors recommend the environments near to the sea, assure that the environment of the coastal zone increases in 40 % the cellular renovation and processes of cicatrization of surgeries of high complexity.

Cartagena possesses a sufficient infrastructure to attend to the needs of the International Patients who decide to come and to improve his well-being, relies on medical resources as the last advances in Neurosurgery that very few clinics do in the world up to hotel and road infrastructure for the accompanists.

Come, trust in Cartagena and in the Dr Carlos Roman.